This collaborative project between me and London based illustrator chum Tim Miness was originally a commission for Digital Arts magazine. We were asked to produce a piece of typography based around the quote '50 things they never taught you at design school'. The catch was that the work was for a tutorial and had to be created using Photoshop CS6's new 3D tools. It is always great to work for Digital Arts and as much as Photoshops 3D features have improved in CS6 I wasn't completely happy with the final piece, knowing how much further I could take it with Cinema 4D.

Therefore, I decided to produce the piece in both Photoshop and Cinema 4D, I'll let you decide which program offers the most to 3D typography. You can view the tutorial in Digital Arts' December issue and can check out Tim's beautiful illustrations over at his

Incidentally, my answer to 'what's the most important thing I've learned since leaving education' is:
"Remembering why you love being a creative. Keeping pro active and always looking for self initiated projects is my bread and butter. The chance to collaborate with some of my favourite designers and meet new people through it really excites me. I was lucky enough to win a
Run Your Jewels collab/remix of a Sara Blake piece recently and the chance to work with a beautiful illustration piece like that is an honour".

twitter: @adoraattack
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